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Engineering and Design Solutions - Water

Our engineering staff is licensed in multiple states and are very experienced in all levels of municipal engineering, public works and private sector design and construction management. Our team of experienced and dedicated engineers, chemists, designers, and fabricators design turnkey water filtration and purification systems for municipal, industrial, and commercial applications around the world

Green Power Resource Management is heavily experienced in providing water treatment solutions for the removal of all heavy metals, specifically arsenic, nitrates, and perchlorates in drinking water.

We can design and permit through the California State Water Resources Control Board and California Dept. of Public Health preengineered wastewater treatment plants as Fixed Film Activated sludge type plants for the treatment of municipal and private wastewater ranging in size from 10,000 gpd to 500,000 gpd.

We can design recycled water systems to deliver wastetwater treatment effluent streams. ("recycled water" to various "green related" reuses in landscaping, golf course irrigation, crop irrigation, etc. to promote water conservation).

Our water treatment solutions include evaluation, design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, training and service.

  Green Water Filtration Example  Green Water Filtration Example