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  Solar Air FAQs

Q: Is this a swamp cooler or an evaporative chiller?

A: No, This is a mechanical air conditioner, charged with 134a refrigerant

Q: Is the compressor phased changed from DC to an AC Compressor?

A: No, This is a 100% DC powered compressor

Q: Can the unit be installed to accept both AC and DC at the same time?
A: Yes

Q: Is an inverter needed for the unit to accept AC power?
A: The on board smart charge controller converts AC to DC

Q: Does the unit have an air filter?
A: No, however an air filter can be installed in the return supply

Q: Is a local permit required to install the unit?
A: No, under most circumstances, please reference your local ordinances

Q: What tax credits or rebates does the unit qualify for?
A: Programs are different for each state, reference for your state

Q: Is the portable remote thermostat line of site?
A: Yes

Q: Can the unit be hard wired to one or more thermostats?
A: 1 thermostat

Q: How many solar panels are required to run the unit?
A: The GPRM100 takes about 1000 watts. Every solar panel you add to the unit adjusts its wattage of use and therefore adjusting the EER.

Q: Is there a charge port on the compressor?
A: Yes

Q: Is the unit’s compressor sealed?
A: Yes

Q: What batteries are recommended to use with the unit?
A: There are several choices; your local solar panel representative can guide this choice