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Energy Ball V100 & V200

The Energy Ball V100 comes with an inverter, which converts the Generated Power into suitable phased-matched VAC to the grid. The Energy Ball comes in two versions:

• Grid-connected
• Battery connected, for off grid applications

The Energy Ball was specifically developed for installations into urban environments since it does not create noise or cast an unpleasant shadow, or create vibration.

Benefits of the Energy Ball V100 & V200

• Aesthetically appealing
• Negligible cast shadow or shadow flicker
• Roof, pole or facade mounting
• Easy to install, operate and maintain
• Low cut-in speed
• Noise and vibration free
• Installed in urban and rural areas
• Residential or business locations
• Configurable into an integrated wind/solar system capable of producing energy 24/7
• Uses wind; a clean renewable energy to produce electricity
• Produces no emissions
• Advanced inverter designed for small wind that follows the power curve in milliseconds

Technical Information

1.Technical Information
3.V100 power curve
4.V200 power curve